[Qatar World Cup ] Cristiano Ronaldo, still in his last World Cup…opens up for the first time since his tearful exit: “Winning the World Cup was the biggest dream of my career. It’s over.”


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Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken out for the first time since his country’s elimination from the World Cup in Qatar.



My biggest dream was to make my country’s name as a world champion.




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Portugal, led by C. Ronaldo, faced Morocco in the World Cup quarterfinals on December 10. The Portuguese team, led by C. Ronaldo, lost 0-1 to Morocco in the quarterfinals of the World Cup on December 10, but after conceding a first-half goal, they were unable to mount an offensive attack in the second half.


Ronaldo, who started on the bench following the round of 16 match against Switzerland, came on in the 51st minute of the second half. He left the pitch with tears in his eyes after the match, having failed to make the top four.


One night after the disappointing defeat, C. Ronaldo said on his social networking site, “To win the World Cup for Portugal is the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. I have been fortunate to win many international titles, including with Portugal. But my biggest dream was to make my country’s name as world champions,” he opened by saying that the World Cup would be his last, though he did not say whether he would retire from the national team immediately, “That dream is over.


I kept fighting for this. For 16 years, five World Cups, scoring goals, with great players and with the support of millions of Portuguese people, I have given my all. I always gave my all on the pitch. I never turned my head away from the fight and I never gave up on my dream.


Unfortunately, that dream ended yesterday. (There is no point in reacting passionately. I want everyone to know that a lot has been said, written, and speculated about him. But my dedication to Portugal has never changed, not for a second. I am a person who always fights for his goals and never disobeys his teammates or his country.


There is nothing more to say. Thank you Portugal. Thank you, Portugal. Thank you, Qatar. It was a beautiful time when the dream was still alive. Now let’s hope that time will be a good counselor and each of us will draw our own conclusions and move on.