[Qatar World Cup] Neymar congratulates Messi for winning the World Cup with “Congratulations Brother” “Wow, that’s true friendship” and 8.7 million likes


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◆Qatar World Cup ▽Final: Argentina 3 (PK 4-2) 3 France (18th, Lusail Stadium)



Congratulations Brother!




NJ 🇧🇷(@neymarjr)がシェアした投稿

Brazilian FW Neymar, who participated in the World Cup in Qatar, updated his Instagram on December 19. He congratulated his Paris SG colleague Messi on his crowning.


Neymar wrote, “Congratulations Brother,” and uploaded a photo of Messi holding the MVP trophy and patting the Jules Rimet Cup, which the World Cup winning team gets.


The post received 8.7 million likes in the first hour after it was posted, and the world realized the friendship between the soccer stars. The post was met with comments like, “But next time it’s your brother,” “Wow, wow, that’s true friendship,” and “Next time it’s you!” Neymar is Brazil’s No. 10.


Neymar played in this tournament with Brazil’s No. 10 on his back. He was defeated by Croatia in the quarterfinals after a penalty shootout, and finished in the top eight.