Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg Takes a Swipe at Media Personality’s Provocative Tweet! Greta’s snappy remarks drew a wave of praise


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On Wednesday, December 28, 19-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg responded to a tweet by Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and now media personality.



Greta Thunberg’s turn to Andrew Tate has become a hot topic of conversation.

Andrew sent out, “Hey Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg), I have 33 cars. My Bugatti is an 8.0 liter W-16 quad turbo. I have two Ferrari 812 Competizione’s with 6.5 liter V12 engines,” he said, referring to the luxury cars known for their low fuel economy. If you give me your email address, I’ll send you a lift of my car collection and the huge carbon footprint of each one,” he tweeted. He challenged Greta to address issues such as climate change.


But Greta was not to be outdone. She replied sarcastically with a bullshit e-mail address, “smalldickenergy@getalife.com (@dude with a small vagina).


The tweet caught the attention of 80 million people in less than a day and garnered one million likes.


And Olympian Lolo Jones added, “Isn’t Andrew Tate sitting in his 33 car getting bodied like this by a teenager?” commented. Many other celebrities praised Greta’s comments one after another.


Andrew was also taken aback by this turn of phrase. Quoting Greta’s famous speech, he replied, “How dare you?