Crown Princess Catherine, early morning motherhood on Christmas Day! The children received lots of wonderful gifts…” She reveals her Christmas Day activities.


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On Sunday, December 25, Crown Princess Catherine was seen interacting with her fans after the Christmas service at a church on Twitter.



Crown Princess Catherine revealed a motherly episode unique to Christmas.


After receiving a bouquet of flowers from a young girl named India, Crown Princess Catherine was asked about how she spent her morning.


I had a wonderful morning,” she said. Thank you very much. As a mother, she woke up early to prepare gifts for her three children. Thank you very much,” she replied.

Although Crown Princess Catherine did not reveal the contents of her gifts, she posted a watercolor of a reindeer painted by her eldest son, Prince George (9), on the royal family’s official account on Christmas Day.


Also, Crown Princess Catherine’s fashion attracted a lot of attention.


Crown Princess Catherine wore a variety of tones of green on the day. She wore a mango ribbed skirt, an Alexander McQueen coat dress, and a subdued green hat.


Her suede boots, clutch bag, and leather gloves were all in brown.


Prince George and Prince William wore matching blue ties and blue suits.


Their second son, Prince Louis, 4, wore the same trotter coat as their eldest daughter, Princess Charlotte, 7, with Prince Louis in navy and Princess Charlotte in burgundy.


On this day, the youngest son, Prince Louis, mistakenly thought his family had left him behind and suddenly started running. He showed such speed that even the security guards were surprised, causing the assembled fans to laugh.