Justin Bieber’s acne patch he wore is going viral…? He also wore the patch to Billie Eilish’s birthday, and it was talked about for its cute star shape


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The acne patch worn by popular singer Justin Bieber has become a hot topic.



Celebrities are often thought to have flawless skin.

However, even they have “skin problems. The main difference between the average person and a star is that they have access to the best dermatologists and beauty products that can cure acne overnight. Justin Bieber, however, seems to be taking care of his acne without spending a fortune.


Justin recently went out wearing a star-shaped acne patch. He also wore this patch at Billy Irish’s birthday party.




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The one Justin was wearing is called “Starface Party Pack Hydro-Stars” and costs about $27. The patch contains hydrocolloids, an ingredient that is said to reduce the appearance of acne, as well as absorb body fluids, reduce redness, and shrink blemishes. In addition, the patch is oil-free, vegan, and gentle on the skin, according to the company.

It seems to be Justin’s favorite item, and earlier this month he posted a selfie with the patch on his Instagram story. Acne can be tricky, but we’d love to try this patch, which Justin seems to enjoy using.

Speaking of Justin, he made headlines this year when it was reported that he might be selling the rights to his music copyrights, and according to reports about 10 days ago, Justin Bieber has made a deal to sell his personal interests in both his published and recorded music copyrights, and the deal is close to closing.