Johnny Depp Designs Scents for Each Movie Character for More Than a Decade “to Relive”


Last Updated on 09/16/2023 by てんしょく飯


Actor Johnny Depp, 60, has secretly been designing scents for each character in his films for the past 12 years.



Johnny, who is the face of Dior’s “SAUVAGE” fragrance, revealed that he has long been obsessed with the “meaning” behind the scents.

When asked by the South China Morning Post if scents and smells help him in his roles on set, Johnny replied. Of course! I have a friend who has been creating scents for various characters for many years. Sometimes when I pick up the perfume, I can smell my mother’s cologne or perfume,” she said. You can relive this moment. It’s like traveling in a more honest and organic way.


Last week, Johnny appeared in “The Call of the Blazing Sun,” the latest advertising video for Dior’s men’s fragrance SAUVAGE, in which he talks about the eagle, the sky, the dry trees, and the cold wind, tweeting, “His bold and powerful nature, his truth embodies the soul of SAUVAGE. (p. 3).


Johnny also told the paper that he liked the “loneliness” of the same Dior ad, which shows himself playing electric guitar in the wilderness. ‘There is a sense of solitude, but not loneliness. What you feel in this little movie is a Zen-like solitude.” “You don’t fully understand the reasons behind certain things, but if you just accept what’s happening, like the wolf in the 2021 SAUVAGE ad, for example, you understand it perfectly. I thought that was magic.”


In May, Johnny, who has been a SAUVAGE advertiser since 2015, reportedly renewed his three-year contract with Dior for more than $20 million (2.94 billion JPY). According to Variety, this compensation is reportedly almost double that of Robert Pattinson, who became the face of Dior Homme.