Katy Perry walks the red carpet with Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr!


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Proving it’s possible for ex-wives and new wives to be friends, “Most of the media wants to see us muddle through, but…”



Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr walked the red carpet together at the 20th annual G’Day USA Arts Gala in Los Angeles.

Katy Perry is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, and Miranda Kerr is known as Orlando’s ex-wife. This two-shot proved that “it is possible for ex-wives and new wives to be friends.

On this occasion, Katy dressed up in a metallic bra top and matching ballgown-style skirt, gold bracelets, gold drop earrings, and a glamorous updo.


Miranda, on the other hand, was dressed in a white strapless cocktail dress. She accessorized with sparkling silver earrings and silver pumps, and styled her brunette hair in classic curls.


Miranda received the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award at the event. She was then presented by Perry. Perry said, “Some may be puzzled as to why I am introducing Miranda. It’s because I don’t get into the age-old narrative of ex-wife and new wife,” he said. ‘Most of the media wants to see us muddle through, but we are here to lead by love. Because Miranda is love. And as many of you know, love has many family figures,” he continued.


I am proud to be a woman and a family who lives her truth every day with grace and grace,” he said of Miranda.


Orlando and Miranda were married from 2010 to 2013, and after their amicable divorce they released a joint statement in which they said, “Even though this is the end of (our) marriage, (we) still love, support, and respect each other as parents and family to our son.”


Orlando then began dating Katy in 2016. And after a temporary split in 2017, they rekindled their romance the following year and got engaged in 2019.


Miranda has previously spoken candidly about her friendship with Katy, telling Louisaviaroma’s LVR magazine last year, “I admire Katy and am grateful that Orlando has found someone he can be happy with.”