King Charles asks his son Prince Harry to attend his coronation! But who close to Prince Harry opposed this?


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It is reported that King Charles has asked his son Prince Harry to attend his coronation.



Attention is focused on whether Prince Harry will be invited to the coronation ceremony, the ceremony of King Charles’ coronation to the throne.


Prince Harry has long been rumored to have a feud with the royal family. He distributed the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” at the end of last year and published his autobiography book “Spare” on January 10 this year, sparing no expense in making shocking statements about the royal family. Therefore, attention is focused on whether Prince Harry will be invited to the coronation ceremony, the coronation ceremony for King Charles’ coronation to the throne, to be held on May 6 this year.

This time, a source in the royal family told Mail on Sudnay that King Charles “would like Prince Harry and his wife, Princess Meghan, to attend the coronation as well, and has asked that such an arrangement be made.


The reason for this is that King Charles believes that if Prince Harry and Queen Meghan do not attend the coronation, it will attract more attention than if they did.


However, Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William, “resisted” the request, the source said. The source said, “Prince William is worried that if his brother Prince Harry were to attend the coronation, he would put on some kind of ‘performance’ that would diminish the presence of the coronation itself.


The question is under what conditions Prince Harry and his family would attend the coronation if they were to attend. The Royal Family is in a state of disarray right now. I’m told that Prince Harry is currently being advised to ‘agree to nothing and pull until the last minute,’ which is making negotiations with him quite difficult,” the source revealed.


The same person also said that “Prince Harry thinks that as long as he attends the coronation and “behaves” he will not be stripped of his title afterwards.


In his autobiography book “Spare,” which is currently on sale, Prince Harry confesses that he had a “physical fight” with his brother William. He also writes that he was his brother’s “spare,” always there in case something happened to him. The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry is now said to be “beyond repair,” but what will happen at the coronation?