Is Ariana’s testimony true? Pete Davidson talks ‘truth’ about his large male organ size


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Pete Davidson, known as one of the most popular men in the celebrity world, has spoken about the size of his male organ.



Pete Davidson revealed his male organ size to Ariana.


He has been engaged to Ariana Grande, model Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor, who got her breakthrough after appearing in Netflix’s original drama The Bridgerton, reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski, Comedian Pete Davidson has had affairs with numerous celebrities.

Pete, known as one of the most popular men in the celebrity world, was once unexpectedly revealed to have a large male organ when he was dating Ariana.


Ariana was asked by a fan on Twitter at the time, “How long is (the song on the new album) ‘Pete’?” She mistakenly assumed from the word ‘long’ that the fan was asking about the size of Pete’s ‘male organ’, and inadvertently confessed her specific size: “About 10 inches?” and inadvertently confessed his specific size.


Pete then said, “I think you feel that way because she (Ariana) is so small. Ariana also made a statement in the music video for her new song ‘Thank U, Next’, in which she sings about her gratitude to her exes, including Pete, and praised the size of Pete’s male genitals. statements.

And now, when Pete appeared on the radio show The Breakfast Club, he again referred to the size of his male organ.


‘Big enough to enjoy,’ he confessed nakedly.


Pete Davidson’s male organ size has been a story, and when the host cut to the subject, Pete said of his own male organ size: ‘I don’t really know. It’s really not that special. It’s a very normal sized penis. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just like that”, he replied. He also candidly confessed that he was told by “someone” that it was “big enough to enjoy and not so big that it hurts”.

Pete revealed that since Ariana revealed the size of his manhood to him, there have been strange expectations from women in the world: “Why on earth did you tell everyone that I have a big manhood? It’s made all the girls I’m going to meet disillusioned [when they see the real thing].


Ariana’s comments had raised the issue of the size of Pete’s male organ, and he again stressed that his size was “normal”.