Anya Taylor-Joy at the reopening of the Tiffany & Co flagship shop in New York! She is ooh-ing and aah-ing in a feather-covered red dress… and her boyfriend is on hand too!


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Anya Taylor-Joy (27), known for her roles in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit and the film The Menu, made a red carpet appearance at an event to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Tiffany & Co flagship shop in New York.



Anya wore a bright red dress covered in feathers from the neck to above the ankles.




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The cut-outs at the bust emphasised her cleavage. She also matched her red heels with an open toe and matched her lips with red. She also wore a diamond bracelet to celebrate Tiffany’s reopening.


Inside the shop, she posed with boyfriend and musician Malcolm McRae, who was said to be in love with her.

Speaking of Anya, it is unclear how long she has been in a relationship with Malcolm, as she does not make her personal life public. She had previously said that they had gone through a bad break-up before filming the 2020 film EMMA Emma. He then later admitted in April 2021 that he was in a relationship.


Anya and Malcolm were also reported by various media outlets to have secretly married last summer. At the time, Anya was photographed getting off a private jet in Sydney, Australia, with a ring on her left ring finger, and the engagement theory emerged. An eyewitness commented to the Daily Mail, “She seemed to show off the ring to the driver after getting off the plane and before getting into the car”.


It is not known whether this engagement is real or not. However, the fact that Malcolm was also at this big event suggests that the relationship is going well.