The Haunted Mansion: expectations are high for an over-the-top recreation of the original! The trailer and poster for Disney’s latest film, in which 999 ghosts attack, have been released!


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The trailer and poster for Disney’s latest film, The Haunted Mansion, which will be released in the US on 28 July 2023 (Friday), have been released. <The trailer is a highly anticipated film in which the 999 ghosts that live in the Haunted Mansion are attacked one after the other.



Trailer and poster released for The Haunted Mansion.


The Walt Disney Company, celebrating its 100th anniversary, has adapted the popular Disneyland attraction “The Haunted Mansion” into a live-action film. The Haunted Mansion is a super-entertaining attraction movie that offers a hybrid experience of “fear” and “laughter” in the cinema, with non-stop surprises and excitement! The film will be released in the US on Friday 28 July 2023.


Inspired by the world-famous Haunted Mansion attraction, the film takes place in the eerily towering Western-style “Haunted Mansion”. Gabby (Rosario Dawson), a doctor and single mother, gets an unbeatable deal on the mansion deep in New Orleans and moves in with her nine-year-old son Travie (Chase Dillon). But all good things come with a price – and in this seemingly too-gorgeous home, the two repeatedly encounter the most bizarre phenomena imaginable. To save them, a team of rather quirky psychic experts (Ben the scientist, Kent the priest, Harriet the medium and Bruce the historian) are assembled. Will they be able to solve the mystery of this “haunted house”?

The trailer for the 999 ghosts attack has been released.


The trailer for the film has now been released, featuring a number of scenes of ghosts attacking psychic experts in the Haunted Mansion, a haunted mansion inhabited by 999 ghosts. The scenes are so full of surprises from the ghosts that it’s hard to blink.


Paranormal expert Ben (Laquise Stanfield), priest Kent (Owen Wilson), medium Harriet (Tiffany Haddish), historian Bruce (Danny DeVito) and others manage to deal with the bizarre phenomena and surprises from the ghosts, despite screaming. The film has a somewhat comical atmosphere as they try to cope with the many surprises from the ghosts, and the film heightens expectations for what kind of dialogue and battles the ghosts will have with each other. The poster released alongside the film shows them staring intently at the Haunted Mansion, which is reflected in a crystal crystal. You can’t take your eyes off it.


The most noteworthy aspect of the film is the appearance of the ghosts living in the Haunted Mansion. The film is directed by Justin Simien, a filmmaker with a unique background who used to work as a cast member at Disneyland in California. He says he used to ride the Haunted Mansion during his breaks and loves the attraction more than anyone else, so the attention to detail is noteworthy.


The “long corridors that go on forever”, “rooms that stretch vertically”, and the “crystal eyes”, which are familiar from the “Haunted Mansion” attraction, are also featured in the film. Madame Leota looking into the crystal. The three ghosts, known to fans as the “Hitch-hiking ghosts”, also make an appearance. In the middle of the film, there is a playful appearance of a chair that runs amok in the pavilion, which seems to be an attraction in itself. The “Hatbox Ghost”, whose trademark is a high hat and a hatbox (a box for storing hats) held in one hand, is also a popular legendary ghost amongst fans. The film, which is the result of director Simien’s dedication, is expected to be the ultimate super-entertainment attraction film that will exceed the expectations of fans.