Johnny Depp’s ‘teeth’ are too brown! Latest visuals have ‘ruined my mood’


Last Updated on 05/18/2023 by てんしょく飯


Fans are shocked by the latest photos of actor Johnny Depp, known for his work in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.



Johnny attended the 76th Cannes International Film Festival in the southern French city of Cannes.


On 16 May (local time), the first day of the festival, the French film Jeanne du Barry, in which Johnny plays Louis XV, premiered. After the screening of the film, Johnny was so moved by the thunderous applause and cheers that he is said to have had tears in his eyes.


Meanwhile, Johnny’s latest visuals have also attracted attention. On the same day, photos of Johnny walking the red carpet quickly spread on the internet. Many users seemed to be attracted by Johnny’s ‘brown teeth’.

Regarding Johnny’s latest visual, Page Six in the US introduced it as ‘Fans are disgusted by Johnny Depp’s rotten brown teeth’. It carries various user comments.


‘Johnny Depp’s teeth are literally rotting.’


‘The score (of Johnny’s films) is as yellow as his teeth. Congratulations!”


‘Why do I have to look at close-up pictures of Johnny Depp against my will?’


‘It looks like someone grabbed Johnny Depp’s teeth and painted them black.’


‘I saw a photo of Johnny Depp on my timeline and it ruined my mood.’