Billie Eilish is scathingly sarcastic about antis who complain about her feminine outfits! ‘You female girly wankers really need to shut up!’


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Billie Eilish hits back at anti-comments.



On Saturday 27 May, popular singer Billie Eilish updated her Instagram.




BILLIE EILISH(@billieeilish)がシェアした投稿

She responded to anti-persons who ridiculed her for starting to wear feminine fashion and calling her a ‘sell-out’.


Using the story function to post several selfies, Billie began, “I just want to say something to some of the comments I sometimes see,” she said, “For the first five years of my career, I preferred to dress like a boy, and I was like, ‘If you act more feminine, you’re sexier’, I’ve been told by well-heeled people like you’.

She added: “Lately, I’ve started to prefer feminine, figure-flattering clothes. I’ve changed. And they say, ‘You’re a sell-out’… ‘What’s wrong with you’, ‘This is not Billie Eilish’, ‘You’re just like any other woman’, it’s really stupid. They’re both me. ‘Acknowledge your existence,’ pleaded Billie, ‘and I’ll tell you something interesting. Women are multifaceted. You’d be surprised, wouldn’t you? They’re interested in all kinds of things. And that femininity does not equal weakness. Shocking, isn’t it? Who knew? It’s unthinkable for you guys to want to dress differently in different situations,” she said wryly.

Billie concluded these posts with her typical words, “You lady-guy weirdos, seriously, shut the fuck up”.

Billie appeared at the Met Gala, a fashion extravaganza, in a sheer chic black dress at the beginning of May. Her bold image change, as she has often worn oversized clothes, attracted a great deal of attention.