Kanye West’s new wife walks out in the Catholic world in a fashion that exposes her bust-top and is inundated with criticism!


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Kanye West and his wife have been in Italy for several weeks now. Every time they appear here and there, there is a storm of boos on the Internet against wife Bianca Censori’s outfits.



Bianca wears a see-through beige bodysuit. Her breasts are completely exposed, and it’s easy to see that she’s wearing similar-colored shorts.

The newlyweds, Kanye West and Bianca Censori, are in the midst of a flirty trip to Italy. They spend their days wandering the streets of Florence at their leisure. However, the newlyweds’ outfits are not to everyone’s taste. For example, Bianca wears a see-through beige bodysuit next to Kanye West, who wears all black. Her breasts are fully visible, and the color of the panties she is wearing is also clearly visible. On her head is a brown bandana cap made of a nylon pantyhose-like material. She was caught in a similar outfit a few days ago, and many Italians voiced their outrage on social media.


Bianca Censori does not have an Instagram account. This is because she deleted all of her online profiles as soon as she started dating Kanye West. However, the Italian media posted an Insta-posted photo of the two of them, which received a lot of comments. Some called Bianca, an interior architect, “totally disrespectful” and “slutty” for her attire, while others called for a fine for “lack of respect for conservative Catholic culture.


According to various media outlets, walking naked in the streets of Italy is considered a criminal offense, such as public indecency, with fines ranging from 500 to 30,000 euros, depending on the degree of the offense. Minors who are present can also be sentenced to imprisonment. Recently, the party to which Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni belongs proposed a bill that would make the penalties for public nudity or “indecency in public” heavier, ranging from three months to six years in prison.





Criticized and increasingly extreme?





During her stay in Italy, Bianca has been going around in leggings and see-through tops. This is clearly intentional, and some Italian media have analyzed that she is becoming more and more extreme after being criticized for her attire. Bianca, who hails from Australia, exposes her voluptuous body here and there in tank tops and bodysuits, and certainly seems to be oblivious to criticism.