[MLB] Shohei Ohtani, if he moves to the Dodgers as an FA, it will have an impact! U.S. media opines, “The team that signs him…”


Last Updated on 09/17/2023 by てんしょく飯


Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels will become a free agent (FA) after this season if he does not renew his contract with the Los Angeles Angels.



In anticipation of this, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the most likely candidate to move to the Dodgers.

If the Dodgers acquire the player, there are players who will be affected, according to the U.S. media outlet Fanside.


The contract for Ohtani, who plays a dual role, is expected to be worth more than $500 million (about ¥73.69 billion), the highest in history. Although he is unable to pitch for the time being due to damage to the medial collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow, it is hard to imagine that his value has decreased significantly, considering that he has hit 44 home runs to lead the A-League home run standings. In any case, the team that signs Otani will likely need a lot of money.


Will Ohtani eventually undergo Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2024 season as a pitcher and focus on being a designated hitter (DH)? Or will the contract price fluctuate depending on whether or not he is willing to continue pitching. The report continued, “If we go after him in the market, we would have to turn down contract options on veterans like Lance Lynn, Joe Kelly, and Blake Treinen to save money,” indicating that some players would be affected by acquiring Ohtani.