Would you like to see the “other party’s room” with “severe eyes” in an online meeting? Do not look? The result is …

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A glimpse of the “house of the other party” at online meetings such as Zoom and Teams. I’m curious about the sense of the interior …?



Zoom, Teams, online meetings going forward

Oliver Space, which rents and sells furniture in the United States, conducted various surveys on remote work together with marketing research company OnePoll.


In 2020, a pandemic of the new coronavirus will hit the world, and the way of working will change drastically. Many companies have introduced telecommuting to avoid going to work as an infection control measure.


And among them, online meetings were often held. Various apps such as Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams are used, and in some countries government meetings and trials are held online and videos are released.


When it comes to that, there are many people who have been curious about it in the house of the other party in the video. For a while, entertainers often appeared online on TV, and there were many opportunities to think “I live in a great house”, but there are many people who check the house over the screen regardless of who they are. NS.


In this survey of 2,004 people living in the United States, 54% of respondents said they would judge the interior or interior of a room with a colleague at an online meeting.


And that harsh eye seems to come back to me. As many as 64% decided to improve their room because they were worried that their space would be judged.


However, the background can be changed in many online meetings. As a result, various organizations have released virtual backgrounds, which attracted a lot of attention in 2020 when fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger released 12 different backgrounds for free.


Although online meetings have the hassle of online meetings, the survey found that only 7 out of 10 respondents were reluctant to come back to work.