Do you know how to use chopsticks taboo?

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Many tourists who come to Japan from abroad buy traditional Japanese chopsticks. Since I work for a foreign-affiliated company, I sometimes go sightseeing in Tokyo with many foreigners, and they buy chopsticks.


Then, they are asked about how to use and manners, but when asked about Japanese people, they find it ambiguous and reconfirm about chopsticks and manners.




Chopsticks are not only used in Japan, but also widely used in East Asia. In Japan, wood or bamboo is used as the material, but in other countries in East Asia, some are made of metal or ivory. Recently, many plastic products are found regardless of the country.


Taboo on how to use chopsticks in Japan


About taboos on how to use chopsticks in Japan. There are many Japanese people who use chopsticks with bad manners. Poor manners will pollute the elegant Japanese culture. It is said that there is no so-called product. However, some of the following taboo examples are not taboo in other East Asian countries in Japan.


Bring chopsticks


Pull the tableware to your hand with chopsticks.


Direct chopsticks


Take a large plate of food with your own chopsticks without using tori chopsticks.


(In some cases, it is recommended to use direct chopsticks. In China and the Korean Peninsula, direct chopsticks are a sign of friendship.)


Duplicated chopsticks


Keep eating only one food.


Lick chopsticks


Lick the food on the chopsticks with your mouth.