Tom Holland Responds to “Rumors of a Breakup with Zendaya


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What did actor Tom Holland say when asked if he and Zendaya had broken up?



Tom Holland and Zendaya’s rumored breakup…


Tom Holland and Zendaya, who started dating after co-starring as Spider-Man and MJ in the hit movie series “Spider-Man,” have been a popular couple since rumors of their relationship surfaced in 2021.

They have quietly enjoyed their time together and nurtured their love, but in 2024, Tom and Zendaya’s fans were hit by a tremor. It was because Zendaya unfollowed Tom on Instagram.


However, Zendaya did not unfollow only Tom, but also unfollowed all the people she had been following, so it was said that the two were not broken up.


However, rumors that the two had broken up have been accelerated by the fact that they have not been seen spending time together for a long time, and the unfollowing incident has added to the rumors. In order to confirm the truth of the rumors, a reporter from TMZ interviewed Tom.


When asked about the rumors of a breakup, Tom replied, “No, it’s not true. Absolutely not. He strongly denied that he and Zendaya had broken up.


Tom is currently in Los Angeles for his appearance at the Critics Choice Awards. Fans who want to see the two together are getting more and more excited.