Meghan’s “prank” was noisy, and she suddenly started singing with her cat ears.


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If you think Meghan suddenly squats in a public place, you can put a crystal on your head, drink milk in a baby bottle, put on a cat ear alice band and start singing as much as you want !?



Princess Megan fires rare actions !? The reason is …


Princess Megan, who left the British royal family in March 2020 and moved to the United States with her husband Prince Henry, is a popular talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres” as part of the promotion activities of her picture book “The Bench”. He made a surprise appearance in the United States and talked about the growth of his eldest son Archie and his eldest daughter Lillibet, who was just born in June this year, and the secret story of an unknown date before the relationship with Prince Henry became public.

Even though she has retired from public affairs and other activities, Meghan, who is still a member of the royal family, seems to be pros and cons to appear on such a talk show, but in fact it has more ripples. It also appeared in a corner that seemed to expand.


In The Ellen DeGeneres, there is a stunning corner where guests can be “played” mainly in front of the general public at the direction of the moderator Ellen DeGeneres, and so far singer Harry Styles and actor Emma Watson. Many popular celebrities such as Watson have become their prey.

This time, Princess Megan also appeared in this stunning corner. When I came to the flea market on the premises of the studio where the studio of “The Ellen DeGeneres” was located, I suddenly followed Ellen’s instructions and squat on the spot.

In addition, while walking around the shop, he said “I have healing power”, “Do you feel my power?” And put a crystal on his head, drink milk in a baby bottle, and squirrel. He ate cookies steadily in such a way as to eat, sang fake nursery rhymes with cat ears, and repeated rare behaviors.


The people in the shop couldn’t be rude, so they responded amiably, but their faces were completely drawn. At the end, Ellen appeared and made a mess, so I finally understood what was happening and everyone smiled. Perhaps Meghan was relieved, she hugged Ellen as she collapsed, saying “Oh my god.”