The Matrix Resurrections” is a love story between Neo and Trinity, looking back at their past.


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The Matrix series is also a love story between Neo and Trinity, and we take a look back at their love story with famous scenes.



Neo and Trinity’s Deep Love


The Matrix Resurrections” will hit theaters nationwide on December 17th. To commemorate its release, “The Matrix”, which started a visual revolution in 1999, will be screened in IMAX for one week only from December 10!


The Matrix is famous for its story and visuals, but at its core is the great love story between Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (played by Carrie-Anne Moss). What is the history of these two people that we should remember before watching “The Matrix Resurrections”?



Neo choose his love for Trinity over all humanity! Neo’s ultimate decision

In the first movie, Neo was led by Trinity to meet Morpheus. He learned about the existence of the Matrix and realized his role as a savior. In other words, for Neo, Trinity is an irreplaceable presence that rescued him from the Matrix and gave him the meaning of existence.


In the second film, where the bond between Neo and Trinity has become even stronger, the Architect, the creator of the Matrix, forces Neo to choose between the survival of the entire human race or saving the lives of his loved ones. And without hesitation, he chooses Trinity.


Neo catches Trinitie as she falls from the building, holds her hand and says, “I won’t let you die. I love you so much.” This is one of the most romantic scenes in movie history!



Trinity  will risk anything for Neo! Trinity’s Deep Love

Trinity is loved by Neo. Trinity, who is loved by Neo, always protects Neo, even at the risk of her life, and wraps him with her deep and great love.


When Neo is trapped in the Matrix in “The Matrix Reloaded”, the final part of the trilogy, she successfully retrieves him by negotiating with the Merovingian, the oldest program in the Matrix, at great risk to her life. Even though she knows she will never make it back to the real world alive, she breaks into the Matrix to save Neo and continues to care for him until the day he dies.


At the time, Carrie said of Trinity’s love, “The world that Neo and Trinity take on will be dark and frightening. Their love, on the other hand, is pure and beautiful. It makes Trinity gentle and strong at the same time,” he said, analyzing its power.



The ultimate love that strengthens them both.

And when Neo and Trinity’s love overlaps, their power is maximized, and that power changes the world of the Matrix as well…


At the end of the first film, Neo was killed in the Matrix by his nemesis, Agent Smith. In the real world, Neo is in a state of suspended animation, and Trinity says to him, “I am no longer afraid. The Prophet said I would fall in love with the Savior. You see, you will not die. Because I love you,” she confesses her love for the first time and kisses him.


In fact, she has been told by the Oracle, the program that guides humanity, that the man you love is the true savior, and Neo is awakened by his love for Trinity! By loving each other, they make each other stronger. This is the ultimate in love. Their love will never fade in the dark world of despair ruled by the machine, and will eventually light up the world of the Matrix.


In “The Matrix,” which will be released in IMAX prior to the release of the new chapter, watch the beginning of the love story between Neo and Trinity! Their fateful encounter, the sweaty fight as they take on a building full of enemies alone, the kiss on the crumbling ship… I wanted to see it in theaters again! I wish I could have seen it in the theater again! The science fiction film that started the visual revolution in the history of cinema comes back to life on the big screen and with sound!

In the new chapter of “Matrix Resurrections”, Neo, who lost his memory and was once again controlled by the Matrix world, wakes up and gradually regains the power of the savior…! However, Trinity is still connected to the Matrix world and appears as a character named “Tiffany” who has a family. However, Trinity is still connected to the Matrix world and appears as a character named Tiffany, who has a family of her own. Has she lost the memories of how she and Neo once fought to save humanity and loved each other deeply?


In the trailer, Trinity says, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” and she and Neo join hands in a fierce battle to escape from the Matrix once again. Will Neo be able to get Trinity back?


Will Neo be able to get Trinity back? “Matrix Resurrections” will be released in theaters nationwide in Japan on December 17th!