A woman was charged “about $4,456” for two drinks at Starbucks, how could this happen?


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A woman was charged approximately $4,456 for two drinks at a Starbucks in the United States. How in the world did this happen?



Surprised to see the amount charged by Starbucks


A couple living in Oklahoma was charged $4,456 for a Venti Iced Americano and Caramel Frappuccino at a local Starbucks.


According to the Daily Mail, when they tried to pay at a shopping mall, their card did not work, so they checked the balance in their account and learned that Starbucks had charged them an amount they did not remember. When the surprised couple checked their Starbucks receipt, they found that $4,444.44 had been added as a tip, in addition to the $11.83 for the two cups of coffee.

The couple said, “I don’t remember tipping this much, but the receipt said we did. We tipped properly, but this is not possible. After contacting Starbucks and explaining the situation, the couple was told that a system error had caused the problem and that they would be issued a check immediately. However, according to the couple, this is where the real hell began.


Their relief that they would now receive a full refund was short-lived. The first check they received was dishonored, so they were sent a new check, but it was dishonored again, which affected their finances and forced them to cancel an important trip they had planned. The issue has already been resolved, and another check was issued to the couple, which was cashed on February 6 (local time).


Incidentally, a Starbucks representative who spoke to the Daily Mail explained that the check was dishonored because of a typographical error. He also said that the company had worked quickly to correct the error and suggested that human error may have caused this situation.