BTS’s V and Olivia Rodrigo’s “two-shot video” taken “before” their close encounter goes viral.


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A two-shot video of V and Olivia Rodrigo of BTS, taken “before” their performance of whispering in each other’s ears that has caused a stir among fans, has become the talk of the town.



GRAMMYs release secret footage of BTS’s V and Olivia Rodrigo


It is no exaggeration to say that the most exciting moment for viewers around the world at the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony was the rapid-fire scene between BTS’s V and singer Olivia Rodrigo. As part of their performance of “Butter,” V brought her face close to Olivia, who was sitting next to her, and whispered something in her ear that made many fans squeal and jeer. Here is a video of the whole scene.

In fact, it seems that the two had been sitting next to each other just before they performed the whispering performance, and the secret footage released on the official YouTube account of the Grammy Awards shows V and Olivia watching the show side by side. RM, another BTS member, was also sitting nearby.

The video was taken before the performance, but since it did not specify when it was taken, it was spread with the phrase, “They are still sitting together (even after the performance),” which has made some fans nervous.


Incidentally, some fans tried to decipher what V whispered to Olivia during the performance using lip-reading, but it is not clear what the two were talking about at this point. Also, V was asked in an interview on the red carpet that day which artist he would like to collaborate with, and he mentioned Olivia’s name, but he already made the collaboration happen in a different way. We can’t wait to hear the collaboration song between BTS and Olivia, but we’ll have to wait and see.