Johnny Depp Trial: Was Amber Heard’s Daughter’s Father Elon Musk?


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Was Amber Heard’s daughter’s father Elon Musk after his divorce from Johnny Depp? In a letter written in the past by a person who was planning to testify for Depp at a defamation trial in Virginia, there was a statement suggesting that.



Was the daughter’s father Elon Musk?


The letter was written by a woman named Jennifer Howell to Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriques, on July 25, 2020. It must have been sent by email, as it is time-stamped 12:58 p.m. West Coast time. This was just at the time when Depp’s libel suit against a British tabloid newspaper that had treated him as a domestic violence man was coming to a close. It was written with the purpose of strongly encouraging Henriques not to perjure himself at trial.


When Depp and Heard were a couple, Henriques was working for a non-profit organization founded by Howell, and they were like sisters. As we will discuss in more detail later, one of the focal points of the trial in England and now in Virginia is an incident that occurred on the steps of Depp’s penthouse. After that incident, Henriques left the penthouse (Henriques was also allowed to live in one of the penthouses) and was allowed to stay at Howell’s house. This is how Howell, who had heard what had happened directly from the man himself, wanted to stop Henriquez at all costs from perjuring himself for his sister.


In this letter, Howell reveals that he told Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, honestly what he knew. Howell, who is aware that he gave the attorney information that was detrimental to Heard, said in the letter, “It makes me very sad to think that you will hate me for the rest of your life and never speak to me again. I am willing to sacrifice my friendship with you in order to let you go,” he explained his intentions.


Howell then itemized some of the things he testified to in his conversation with Waldman about Heard’s relationship with Mask. For example, that Musk gave Heard a Tesla car (the “Teslas” and the “s” suggest more than one), but that Heard discovered that they had listening devices on them. Howell writes, “I was told that Amber said he was violent and wanted to control her.” Then she added, “I also heard that they are in a legal battle over the rights to the fertilized eggs they created together. He wants to destroy them, but Amber wants to preserve them so she can have children”. These conversations came up in February 2019 when Henriquez and her mother (who is also Heard’s mother) spoke at Henriquez’s house.

Heard announced on Instagram that she became a mother on July 1, 2021. She said the baby was a girl and that she had given birth three months earlier. In that post, Heard wrote, “Four years ago, I decided to have a baby. I decided to do it my way,” he wrote, “I hope the time will come when it will be normal that you don’t need a wedding ring to have a crib.”


Although not in this message, later reports revealed that the baby was delivered using a surrogate mother. Who the sperm donor was, however, has been passed off as a secret to this day. Of course, there is no proof that Heard necessarily used the fertilized egg he created with Mask, but it is certainly interesting.


Howell also remembers that in a conversation at the time, Henriques’ mother stated that “Johnny was an angel, a saint, compared to Elon. Mother also said that she wished Johnny and Amber could be resurrected and that there was true love between those two, which surprised Howell.




Amber Heard(@amberheard)がシェアした投稿

What Happened on the Stairs, What the Sisters Say


Now, let’s move on to the “incident on the stairs,” which should be the main topic. This happened in March 2015. According to Heard, this is the only time Heard hit Depp. It was the one time later and she did it to protect her sister.


According to Heard’s testimony, Heard and Depp had a heated fight that day, and Heard ran away from Depp and went to another penthouse (Depp owns five penthouses, three of which are connected by an upper floor) and was halfway up the stairs. Depp then chased after him, grabbed Heard by the hair, and punched him in the face. Henriquez saw this and intervened to stop Depp, and when Depp tried to violate Henriquez as well, Heard punched Depp in the face. Heard also said, “I remembered Kate Moss and the stairs, and I thought she was going to push my sister down the stairs,” suggesting that Depp had tried to push Moss down the stairs when he and Moss were dating. (As soon as Moss’s name came up, Depp and Depp’s lawyer looked at each other and said, ‘Yes. ) Because Heard’s name came up, it paved the way for Moss to be called as a witness. Moss and Depp have been on good terms since their split. (It was confirmed today, 23rd U.S. time, that Moss will testify for Depp this week.)


Henriquez’s testimony goes like this. At the time, Henriquez was standing facing the top of the stairs, with Heard in front of him. Then Depp came up from below and slapped Henriquez on the back. Heard saw this and said, “Don’t hit my sister,” and hit Depp. Then Depp grabbed Heard by the hair with one hand and hit him repeatedly in the face with the other hand. Depp’s bodyguards rushed in to stop him, and Henriquez fled with Heard to his room and locked the door. From outside the door, Depp said, “I hate you guys. I hate you both,” and could be heard yelling and hitting things.


Although the two women shared the part about Depp being violent, their arguments were slightly different.


Whitney is very afraid of Amber.”


But Howell wrote in a letter to Henriques.


‘That incident on the stairs was one of the reasons you moved into my house. You told me and my staff (who work at the nonprofit) that ‘I almost fell down the stairs trying to stop Amber from being violent with Johnny. I never once said that Johnny hit Amber or that he tried to harm her in any way. If I had heard that Johnny was being violent to Amber, I would have reported it to a social worker or someone else and tried to protect your sister”.


The letter also states that when Henriques moved into her home, she told her own father, “Whitney is very afraid of my sister. So we have decided to let her live in our home,” she also explained.


Howell described the staircase incident in the same manner in his affidavits filed with the courts in England and Virginia, respectively. He also testified that during the time they lived together, Henriquez repeatedly asked him why Johnny was putting up with Amber’s violence and told him that he, too, had suffered violence from his sister since childhood. Howell also said that Henriquez told him that Heard had thrown a glass of red wine at Henriquez in the elevator.


It is not known when Howell will be called as a witness to tell his story to the jury at the trial in Virginia, which is in its final weeks. Later in the day, Depp’s side is expected to testify, along with Howell and Moss, as well as Walter Hamada, president of DC production for Warner Bros. and officials from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which was promised a donation by Heard but has not been able to fulfill it. Closing arguments are scheduled for the 27th, U.S. time. The time left is getting shorter and shorter.