“Tea ceremony”, a hospitality that you can experience using tea for guests

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What to bring for the tea ceremony experience

In the tea ceremony experience, there are many places where you can participate empty-handed.


Still, there are “this should be prepared” and “what you should have”.


Since it will be a long time before I become the owner of tea making, I will omit the explanation of tea utensils and first introduce the belongings necessary for “customer’s method”.


Things to prepare


・ Handkerchief (or washcloth)


It is used when you wash your hands with water.


・ White socks (or socks)


Before entering the tea room, it is a good idea to change your socks. It is a respect for the tea room and the surroundings.


In the experience, it will be clothes, so white socks are fine.


Things to have


・ Kaishi


It is a versatile paper used for eating sweets and purifying bowls.


When placing sweets, fold it in half and always turn the mountain (the one that is folded) toward you.


・ Confectionery cutting (black letters: Kuro-moji)


It is used to cut and eat sweets.


There are disposable wooden ones, metal ones, and lacquered ones.


・ Folding fan


It is used when greeting the host, when looking at an important tea set, or when placing it sideways in front of the knee to create a “barrier”. There is no need to rush.


It is a sign of respect for the other person and the tools, and is a tool that is always used in the tea room.


・ Fukusa


It is used in various ways, such as when purifying tools or removing the lid of a kettle.


The usage is called “Fukusa Sabaki”.


・ Old Fukusa (Kobukusa, Fukusa: Shikifukusa)


It is used when laying underneath when looking at a bowl or when handling tools with care.


・ Fukusa scissors


A bag for storing these tools.