Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went to Paris, the “City of Love,” for their honeymoon! Jennifer and Ben Affleck were photographed kissing like a scene from a movie!


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Popular actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The newlyweds were photographed on their honeymoon in Paris, France, a few days after their Las Vegas wedding.



Strolling the streets of Paris, the “City of Love

According to photos obtained by Page Six, the couple strolled the streets of Paris, known as the “City of Love,” holding hands. Both of them seemed to be smiling. Jennifer wore a red dress on this day. Ben, on the other hand, wore a dark suit. On another day, they were caught by the paparazzi lounging in a park wearing casual clothes and kissing romantically.




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Jennifer and Ben began dating in 2002 when they co-starred in the movie “Geely. They soon became known as “Bennifer” to fans and the media, and the two were also seen in love in the music video for Jennifer’s song “Jenny From the Block” at the time, making no secret of their love for each other. They then became engaged in October 2002, but broke up in a blitz in 2004. Then, last May, they made headlines when they got back together after 17 years.


And Jennifer Lopez confirmed her marriage to Ben Affleck in the July 17 issue of “On The JLo,” a newsletter for fans. We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. I’ve been patient for 20 years,” Jennifer said of her current state of mind. They described their Las Vegas wedding as “exactly what we wanted.


All eyes will be on the happy couple in the future.