Bradley Cooper lookalike wanted for shoplifting! The Internet is in a state of excitement because of the lucky break!


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A publicized shoplifter’s “resemblance” to an actor has become an Internet sensation.


The Henry County Police Department in Georgia has released security camera footage of a man accused of stealing a rotary laser worth $600 from a home improvement store in McDonough, Georgia, in late July.



The person who was released as the shoplifter “looked exactly like” an actor, which has become a hot topic of conversation on the Internet.


The criminal carrying the stolen goods on a cart is dressed in a rough olive green T-shirt and jeans, and although he is wearing a hat, he somehow manages to look imposing. His expression was also clearly visible from the camera.


Although the man is still at large at this time and the investigation is still ongoing, many netizens who saw the video remarked that the alleged perpetrator resembled the actor Bradley Cooper.

One user wrote, “Bradley Cooper has fallen,” and other users pointed out the killer’s chubby figure and joked, “I wonder if Bradley Cooper went out of his way to put on weight to do this,” and it was like a “big joke.


He’ll find out soon enough,” he added. It stands out,” commented one.


The video received more than 500 comments.


While the culprit’s appearance attracted attention, some users were also surprised by the “thing” he shoplifted.


The criminal stole a large power tool. It was too big to be a shoplifting item.


One user commented, “I wonder how he could pass through the cash register with such impunity when he stole such a large item. I can’t believe no one noticed. I don’t understand,” he commented calmly.


Incidentally, a few years ago, actor David Schwimmer, known for his appearance in the drama “Friends,” was also in the news when his look-alike was arrested.