Gigi Hadid celebrates her daughter’s 2nd birthday! She also casually asserts the presence of her ex-partner Zayn


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Model Gigi Hadid (27) celebrates her daughter Kai’s second birthday. She also casually asserts the presence of her ex-partner Zayn.


Gigi updated her Instagram story on Monday, September 19. It seems that she celebrated Kai’s second birthday with a Peppa Pig cake, and the photo was tagged with the message, “Our angelic girl turned two today,” as well as the account of Zayn, Kai’s father.



Model Gigi Hadid, 27, celebrates her daughter Kai’s second birthday

Gigi and Zayn, who had been on and off, had their first child, a daughter Kai, in September 2020, but broke up about a year later. Around the same time, Zayn was reported to have been violent toward Gigi’s mother, Yolanda, and was subsequently charged with four counts of harassment against Gigi and Yolanda, and was fined and ordered to serve a total of 360 days of probation.


Nevertheless, Gigi seems to want to raise her child jointly with Zayn, and on Father’s Day this year, Zayn uploaded a photo of Kai playing on social media. In addition, he added a message wishing “Happy Father’s Day to Kai’s daddy”.


Speaking of Gigi, she has recently been the subject of a romance theory with Leonardo DiCaprio. Her relationship with Zayn, as well as her relationship with Mr. Leo, is also a focus of attention.