Shohei Ohtani predicts US reporters will continue to have “low pay” next season. Despite a large increase, he asserts that “the true value is 50 million dollars (approximately 7.12 billion yen)”


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The New York Post’s famous reporter: “Ohtani is the one and only player.


Shohei Ohtani of the Angels of the Major League Baseball has been active this season, winning 13 games, the most in the majors, and hitting 34 home runs, making him a two-sport athlete. Next season is the final year of his two-year contract, and his salary is expected to increase significantly this offseason since he has the right to arbitrate his salary. Jon Heyman, a well-known reporter for the New York Post, said that Ohtani’s “true value is $50 million (about 7.12 billion yen),” and although his salary will increase significantly from this cheap season, he expects that his salary will remain “thin” compared to his original value.



The New York Post’s noted reporter: “Ohtani is a one-of-a-kind player.”


In an article headlined “It’s hard to see Shohei Ohtani getting the raise from the Angels that he deserves,” Heyman asserted, “He deserves a big update to the maximum contract value of a player with the right to annual salary arbitration that Mookie Betts has.” He pointed out that he should surpass Mookie Betts’ record of $27 million, the highest contract for a player who bypassed annual salary arbitration and signed a one-year contract.


However, “The year Corey Seager received $32.5 million in free agency, Trae Turner was $23 million. Aaron Judge was $19 million. These are not bad results, but they are extremely low salaries,” he said, referring to past cases in which players who have the right to arbitrate their salaries usually accept low salaries that are not commensurate with their performance. He also made a prediction about Ohtani.


The team expects Ohtani to follow the precedent and sign for around $20 million, and he said, “But Ohtani is a unique player. Kris Bryant got $18.6 million as a fifth-year player and Jake Arrieta got $15.5 million. Ohtani deserves $34.1 million, the sum of the two. This is still low for his salary. If you include market value, his true value is more than $50 million (about ¥7.12 billion),” he stressed.


Heyman independently calculated the two-tooled player’s value to be an unprecedented annual salary. Ohtani’s salary last season was $3 million (about ¥430 million), and this season it was a bargain at $5.5 million (about ¥780 million), so his salary for next season is likely to attract attention.