Zayn unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid on Instagram! Is it because of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi’s dating reports?


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Former One Direction star Zayn Malik unfollowed Gigi Hadid on Instagram last week in response to reports of his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid enjoying a cozy date with Leonardo DiCaprio.



It appears that he unfollowed Gigi.




Zayn Malik(@zayn)がシェアした投稿

Zayn and Gigi broke up last year after a tumultuous six-year on-and-off relationship. While Gigi still follows Zayn, Zayn now follows only 24 people on his account, half of which are his own dedicated fan accounts, according to ELLE.


Gigi was photographed earlier this month getting friendly with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, at a party in New York City after ending his four-year relationship with Camila Morrone, 25.


Since the news broke, according to the Daily Mail, Zayn has unfollowed Gigi, as a search of his Instagram shows “user not found”.


DiCaprio was first photographed with Gigi this month. This appears to be the first time Leonardo has dated a woman over the age of 25, and furthermore, this is the first time DiCaprio has dated a woman who is also his mother, reports the Daily Mail.


According to Page Six, following the leak of these new photos, a source close to the pair said that they are “taking it slow” while they are dating. The source further said that they have been going out alone and in groups, and that they are not yet in an “exclusive relationship” yet.


Gigi recently celebrated her daughter’s birthday through her Instagram story. There, she tagged Zayn as her “daddy”.