Kit Kat’s “What’s Inside” is Surprisingly Revealed in a Video Receiving More Than 8 Million Views


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What’s in Kit Kat, a chocolate and wafer snack?



What’s in Kit Kat?


In Japan, Kit Kat has become a standard snack during the exam season because of the Japanese word “kitto katsu” (“surely win”), and its limited edition regional products are popular as souvenirs.


What is inside such a Kit Kat? If you ask what’s in a Kit Kat, the answer is, of course, wafers. The balance between the crispness of the wafer and the chocolate coating is one of the reasons why Kit Kat has been so well-loved.


But a surprising revelation about what’s inside has been making the rounds: a video released by Zack D. Films, which has an official mark on YouTube and more than 2 million subscribers, is titled “What’s inside a Kit Kat is not what you think it is. What was explained in the video?


It says, “During the manufacturing process, some Kit Kat’s break. Instead of throwing them away, companies break them into smaller pieces and add sugar to them. And that’s what’s in the Kit Kat. It’s a crushed Kit Kat.


My God, what’s in a Kit Kat is a Kit Kat!

It makes little sense, but it is good to use food instead of throwing it away. The video has received over 8 million views in the first week after its release, and many people were surprised by this fact. However, in the comments section, some people pointed out the obvious: “So… what’s in the original Kit Kat?” Some pointed out the obvious: “What’s in the original Kit Kat?


Is his story a lie? But this is actually true. Nestlé itself admitted this in 2015 in the BBC documentary program “Inside the Factory,” which covers the manufacturing plants of various companies. It’s for filling wafers. We use the ones that have not reached a good level”.


At some point, did they adopt the idea of using previously discarded Kit Kat as filling? If so, do the Kit Kat of old taste different from the Kit Kat of today? The change in the size of Kit Kat has been talked about from time to time, but the change in taste is also a matter of concern. Unlike the size, the taste cannot be compared between the old and the new products, so we can only imagine and enjoy the taste.