Master filmmaker James Cameron will visit Japan for the first time in 10 years! Promoting his latest film “Avatar: Way of Water” with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and others!


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Avatar” (2009), a revolutionary blockbuster film, was the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide and changed all conventional wisdom in the world of film. Avatar: Way of Water,” the latest film in the series that master filmmaker James Cameron has devoted 13 years of his life to, will be released simultaneously worldwide on December 16 (Friday). And now, James Cameron will visit Japan for the first time in 10 years since “Titanic 3D”! The full details of the “3 Major Avatar Experience Events” will be revealed to Japanese fans!



The full details of the film’s world tour have recently been unveiled, and in addition to the UK, France, Korea, and the U.S., a promotion for his visit to Japan on December 10 (Saturday) has been announced.

In addition to director James Cameron, the film’s star cast includes Sam Worthington (Jake Sully), Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), Sigourney Weaver (Kili), and Stephen Lang (Colonel Quaritch), who also starred in the previous “Avatar” film. The six members of the cast include the same cast that worked on the previous “Avatar” film, and producer Jon Landau, who has been Cameron’s right-hand ally for the past 25 years since “Titanic”.


This will be Cameron’s first visit to Japan in 10 years and 8 months since “Titanic 3D” was released on March 30, 2012; when “Avatar” was released in 2009, Sam, Zoe, and Sigourney attended a special presentation at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October of the same year, while the director made an emergency visit to Japan just before the film’s release in December. Because the timing was different, this is the first time that the director and cast of the world’s No. 1 movie of all time are coming to Japan together for promotion!


The previous film depicted the forests of Pandora, but as the title “Way of Water” suggests, the latest film takes place in the vast and beautiful ocean world of Pandora. During his visit to Japan on December 10, three events related to the theme of “water” were announced.


In honor of the film’s theme of “sea and water,” the “Waterfront Japan Press Conference” will be held at Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, an aquarium in Tokyo, which will be reserved for private use (only invited guests will be allowed). On the same evening, an “Avatar Blue Carpet Event” in “Avatar Blue” will be held at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, followed by the “Japan Premiere” where the film will finally be shown for the first time in Japan.


Will the director and cast, all of whom will be in Japan for the first time, reveal any new information to the Japanese fans eagerly awaiting the latest film? Since “Avatar” will continue as a series of films, the passion for the film is strong, and their every move and every word will surely be the focus of attention on this day. On December 10 (Saturday), just before the release of the latest film, the whole of Japan will be dyed in “Avatar Blue”!


An “immersive” visual experience of another dimension! A special video filled with first-time footage will be unleashed! Jake’s family leaves Pandora’s forest for the sea – and what awaits them there?

The latest footage released this time begins with Jake, Neytiri, and their children, who have been forced to leave Pandora’s forest, taking shelter with a tribe of the sea. The breathtakingly beautiful images show Jake and the children being accepted by Tonowari, the leader of the sea tribe, and becoming familiar with sea life and culture in the beautiful blue sea. The film is filled with footage that can be seen for the first time, including the children coming into contact with the adorable creatures that live in Pandora’s oceans, the family friendship of Jake’s family, and the relationship between the children of Jake’s and Tonowari’s families. However, the human race appears again to invade Pandora… Armed with more powerful weapons than in the previous film, the humans attack in the form of Na’vi avatars. In order to protect their families and the nature of Pandora, not only the indigenous Na’vi and the sea creatures, but also the creatures that fly in the sky, all of Pandora unite to confront the humans. The children of the Jake and Tonowari families are also seen struggling in the film, and their support for the next generation of “Avatar” is also noteworthy. An epic story with overwhelming visual beauty and worldview begins once again.


The beautiful blue Japanese poster, which shows the expanse of the abyssal ocean and the breath of the dynamic creatures, is also released, and is truly befitting the world of “Avatar”!

The nature of the mysterious planet Pandora, and the creatures that inhabit it, certainly represent the “ultimate reality” created by director Cameron. The poster also foreshadows a story filled with emotion from the expressions of Jake, Neytiri and the children.


Director James Cameron has depicted the ocean in “The Abyss” (1989) and “Titanic” (1997), made a documentary film “James Cameron’s Secrets of the Titanic” (2003), and is also known as a scuba diver. It is only because Cameron loves the sea so much that he is able to depict the greatest eye- and heart-stopping “visual experience” that mankind has ever had in its history.