France is doing very well! The reason for the first place in the final tournament is the departure of “grand person” Benzema! A French newspaper reports behind the scenes: “Young players do not shrink away.


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Les Bleus (the nickname of the French national team), which had been worried by the departure of a veteran player who was at the peak of his maturity, is doing very well in Qatar.



They quickly advanced to the final tournament.

Kylian Mbappe scored twice to give France a 2-1 victory over Denmark in Group D of the Qatar World Cup on November 26. The French team won their second straight match to advance to the finals of the tournament.


The current champions are aiming to become the third nation in history to win back-to-back World Cup titles, but before the tournament began, there were some who were concerned. One of the reasons for this was the injury to Karim Benzema, who had already been included in the 26-man squad for the tournament. He was forced to miss the tournament because of an injury to the rectus femoris muscle in his left leg.


The 34-year-old veteran, who had been making his presence felt since his return to the national team in May 2021 for the first time in five years, will inevitably miss out on scoring. Despite the concerns of those around them, the team has been in good form itself. The team is in good shape, and they are looking good for a back-to-back championship. Is this the solidarity of champions?


Some say that Benzema’s absence is the reason for the team’s success. According to Lequipe, a major French newspaper, the team’s training ground has regained its lightness since Benzema’s departure from Qatar and “there is a freer and more relaxed atmosphere.


The reason Benzema was banned from the national team for so long in the first place was his involvement in a “sex tape” blackmail case against teammate Mateu Valbuena (now at Olympiacos) in 2015.


Benzema was later convicted in a trial in Marseille to a suspended sentence of one year in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros (about $9.8 million). However, there are still many players and people who are not happy with him. In fact, he once said, “Don’t mix Formula 1 with go-karts. He has not fully resolved his rift with Olivier Giroud, his colleague in the current national team, who once accused him of “not mixing formula 1 and go-karting,” saying, “Of course I am better than you.


Lequipe, which reported the surprising effect of the departure of such a “heavyweight,” sarcastically said that the night after Benzema left the national training camp in Qatar “without being seen off by any of his colleagues” was “the best night since the formation of the team. The report was mixed. Lequipe, which further explained that Giroud had “opened up the coach’s options and made things easier,” wrote: “Giroud has lined up with Henri’s record.


Giroud can match Henri’s record and Kylian Mbappe can play the central role in attack that he has been looking for. Above all, the young and inexperienced players are playing without being reduced to Benzema’s overpowering personality.


It is not certain that these reports are true. In fact, Benzema’s agent, Karim Jaziri, claims, “There is no doubt that they are anti-Benzema, and it is shameful.


Nevertheless. It is true that without Benzema, the Les Bleus warriors look upbeat and the atmosphere is reflected in their dominant play. That is why the paper’s assertion is so interesting.