Billie Eilish Gets Serious About Her Love Life by Flipping Out About Her 10-Year-Old Boyfriend


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For the first time, Billie Eilish opens up about her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, who is 10 years her senior.



Billie talks about his love life with Jesse for the first time.


Billie Eilish (20) has never spoken about her love life in detail, even though rumors of romance with several people have surfaced in the past. However, in October, Billie attended an event with Jesse Rutherford (31), lead singer of the alternative rock band The Neighborhood, with whom he has been rumored to be in love, and for the first time he brought his girlfriend to a public event. Moreover, they showed their lovey-dovey appearance in front of the camera.

Billie spoke about Jesse for the first time in an interview with Vanity Fair.


Billie was asked, “Do you have a girlfriend right now? Billie shyly answered, “Yes, I do. And it’s very nice. I’m very excited and really happy.


I’ve managed to get to a certain point in my life. I’ve managed to get to a point in my life where the guy I thought was the hottest guy in the world knows me and I can go out with him. Can you believe it? Can you applaud me?” He flirted grandly with the idea.

Billie also answered the question, “What makes you happy in a relationship? Billie also answered the question, “What makes you happy in love? I always want to touch skin. Touching, skinship, hugging, and anything to do with skin is really important to me. And other than that, I want to be free. I don’t want to be controlled. And I want to be trusted, to have my own space, to be loved, to be noticed. And it’s really important for us to respect each other equally. I am very inspired by this man and he is inspired by me,” she said, revealing her views on love.