[World Cup Qatar]Shocking news for Beckham during his World Cup stay: 5-star hotel at £20,000 per night, where he can even eat Kobe beef!


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The Qatar World Cup soccer tournament has been hotly contested since its opening. In addition to the super plays of the players, the “legends” who have been showing up at the venues are also attracting attention. The hotel where David Beckham, the former England international, stayed was also in the spotlight, as a British newspaper reported on his£ 20,000 per-night room.



The World Cup in Qatar, where big names from all over the world are gathering.

The England national team is being mentioned as one of the favorites to win this year’s tournament. In their first Group League (GL) match against Iran, their attackers exploded, scoring six goals. The second match against the United States ended 0-0, but Beckham, who was watching the game from the stands, drew the attention of fans around the world when a live video of him taking a “selfie” was broadcast.


The Daily Mail headlined, “Exclusive: David Beckham checks out of £20,000 suite at five-star hotel in Qatar where staff call him ‘Sir David’ after fans find him a place to stay. The headline reads, “The hotel where Mr. Beckham is staying. The former England captain spent about a week in the elegant “Bahra View” suite at the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in Doha.


The suite is located on the top floor of the stylish hotel and features a dining area, a personal concierge, a courtyard, a private pool, and a gym. During his stay at the Mandarin Oriental, a personal chef prepared special meals for Beckham. During his stay at the Mandarin Oriental, his personal chef prepared a special meal for Beckham, including Japanese Kobe beef steak and pasta,” the source added.


According to the source, Beckham “checked out over the weekend. The staff all loved him and called him ‘Sir David. He was very respectful and everyone returned the respect,” the source also said of his interactions with Mr. Beckham.