What is the secret to maintaining a beautiful Victoria Beckham body shape over the years?


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Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham may have a slender figure by nature, but she’s also trying to stay fit. Let me introduce you to her thorough workout.



Have a healthy lifestyle

Forty-seven-year-old fashion designer Victoria Beckham has shown an uncompromising stance in business and lifestyle. A former Spice Girls, she wrote in The Guardian on January 19, 2019, “As we get older, we have not only what we wear, but what we take into our body, and a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. I realized that it was important. ”


At the same time as the announcement of the Spring / Summer 2022 makeup collection, the magazine “Hello!” Introduces her workout and dietary routines in detail.


Fast walking, jogging, work out


There is no word oversleeping in the Beckham family dictionary. Every morning between 5:30 and 6 am, businesswoman Victoria wears leggings and a trainer and runs a 7km distance “a mix of fast walking, jogging and running” on a treadmill. “I’m looking forward to it because it’s my only time to watch TV,” she told The Guardian.


After 45 minutes, Victoria continues to work out and bodybuilding. “30 minutes on the legs, 30 minutes on the arms, tightening and conditioning, then a lot of upper body exercises such as planks,” she said. However, the workout may be divided into several days to give the children (Romeo, Cruz, Harper) time to go to school.


On the other hand, a former Spice Girl, she doesn’t compromise on her diet. “She doesn’t eat cheeseburgers as much as she wants,” Guardian spells. “In New York, where you have a lot of food choices, she chooses smoked salmon and salads. She carries her favorite scented sweets in her bag and puts them in black coffee.”


However, Victoria is not dissatisfied with this strict diet, but rather seems to be the opposite. “I have very strict disciplines about how to train and eat, but that’s the happiest thing,” she said. “I have four kids, I’m working, I’m traveling .I expect a lot from my body. To do that, I have to eat and exercise healthy. ”