Kentucky brings back the ‘crazy burger’


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Kentucky has made headlines for bringing back a “crazy burger” from the past. The burger is a very selective burger, but it seems to have been eagerly awaited by many fans.



Crazy burger with chicken instead of a bun


Shocking news. Fast food chain Kentucky announced in a press release that it will bring back the Double Down for a limited four-week run starting 6 March 2023, marking the return of the burger, which was first sold in 2010, after nine years since its one-time return in April 2014.

KFC has often released oddball products for limited periods, such as the KFC Popsicle, which you can’t tell if it’s hot or cold, and the Firelog, which became a popular inedible fried chicken, but the Double Down to be released this time is one of the many Kentucky products that is so The Double Down is a “problem child” known for its out-of-the-ordinary concept among the many Kentucky products. Its main feature is that the filling is sandwiched between fried chicken instead of a bun. If that’s the case, it’s not as if the ‘filling’ is healthy: two slices of cheese and two pieces of crispy smoked bacon, served with either mayonnaise or spicy sauce.


It’s a burger that gives me heartburn just thinking about it, but according to a Kentucky press release, “fans have been calling for the return of the Double Down for years” and the menu has “a cult following like no other”, according to the company.


Twitter excited by the return of the ‘most insane and beautiful’ Double Down


Kentucky’s official Twitter account said: ‘Rest in peace, buns. The Double Down is back for a limited time starting today. Get it while you can”, and many people welcomed the “return”.

A common question on Twitter was, “Why is it only available for a limited time?” Some regretted that the revival was only for a limited time, saying it was “the best thing on the menu, put it down for a while”, while others praised the double-down, calling it “the most insane and beautiful idea”.


Twitter was met with a series of enthusiastic reactions, but some also complained about the price, such as “$9 for a single sandwich?” Some complained about the price, saying things like “$9 for one sandwich?


Consideration for “reasonable people” who can’t accept “no bun”.


As explained earlier, the main feature of the Double Down is that the ingredients are sandwiched between chicken instead of a bun, but Kentucky has also prepared a relief measure for “reasonable people” who cannot follow such madness.


The Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich, also on sale for a limited time, is a “mild” version of the Double Down, with chicken, cheese and two pieces of bacon sandwiched between a brioche bun.


Both the Double Down and the Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich are only available in the US for a limited time, so unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for another chance to taste this “madness” in Japan.