Madonna’s ‘shocking’ music video banned 20 years ago!


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Madonna’s video for ‘American Life’ was banned from the airwaves 20 years ago, but now she’s unveiled the original music video.



Singer Madonna has now released the original music video for her 20-year-old song ‘American Life’, and its shocking content has attracted a lot of attention.


Madonna released her tenth album, American Life, 20 years ago in 2003. The first track on the album was the single ‘American Life’, which shares the same title as the album.


The music video for the song was released in April 2003. Initially, it was war-themed, with Madonna appearing in a military look, but the timing of its release coincided with the start of the war between the US and Iraq, so the release in the US was cancelled to take this into account. The music video was later re-edited and changed to a very simple version with Madonna singing in military uniform with the flags of the countries of the world in the background. Madonna said at the time that she had no idea that war was about to break out when she made the music video.


[Video] Re-edited version of ‘American Life’ music video

The original version of the music video, which was made in 2003, begins with soldiers in military uniforms walking down a fashion show runway, with Madonna’s voice in the background. .


However, from the middle of the music video, footage of the actual war is shown on the runway screen, and children with bullets and people who appear to be victims of the Vietnam War appear one after another on the runway. The footage is also quite shocking and graphic, with people injured in the war, people without legs, soldiers covered in blood and women who have been set on fire running around on stage.


[Video] ‘American Life’ director’s cut version.

A fashion show audience member laughs at the suffering people on stage, as if it is none of their business. With this video, Madonna wanted to highlight the atrocities of war. It ends with Madonna throwing a hand grenade into the air and fleeing in a car.


Comments on the video include: ‘It reminds us how bad war can be’, ‘Today’s new generation will thank Madonna and rediscover why she still matters’, and ‘She knows how to use video to its fullest as art’.