A total of about 800 million yen! Ariana Grande Offers “Free Therapy”



Ariana Grande, an artist who has talked about her mental health many times. In particular, the fact that the venue was targeted by a terrorist bombing incident immediately after his live performance in Manchester in May 2017 and caused more than 1000 injuries had a great impact on mental health to the extent that he suffered from PTSD. Is revealed.



It is clear that Ariana made a large donation so that many people can receive therapy for free at the time of “World Mental Health Day” on October 10.

Ariana Grande has talked about changes in her mental health and the importance of attending therapy after the Manchester bombing terrorist attack.


In an interview in 2018, “I’ve always been anxious, but I didn’t talk openly because everyone thought so. But by the end of the 2017 world tour, I had a lot of anxiety disorders. It was getting worse. ” In addition, it seems that the influence of mental health was also appearing on the physical side, such as becoming stuffy. In 2019, he published PTSD, and he also published a photo of his own brain scan.


It is said that “therapy” has saved and supported her mental health.


“I’ve had therapy save my life many times, so if you’re worried, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to suffer all the time. Trauma can be dealt with. I It still takes a lot of effort, but if you know that you can overcome it, you have taken the first step. ”


Ariana, who is keenly aware of the importance of therapy, has started social contribution activities so that as many people as possible can get the opportunity.


In July 2021, he donated $ 2 million to a service called “Better Help,” which provides online therapy, and said, “Don’t criticize yourself for having to ask for help.” Send the message.


And the other day, on October 10th, World Mental Health Day, we donated another 5 million dollars (about 566 million yen). With this, “Better Help” will be able to receive therapy for free for a month.


“We’re offering $ 5 million in free therapy with BetterHelp for World Mental Health Day. We wanted to offer this little opportunity because we’re still in a society where we don’t have much access to information about mental health. This is someone’s healing. I hope it will be an opportunity for you. ”


“I want many people who are suffering in the same way to know the importance of the therapy that saved them”-Ariana’s strong feelings will surely reach the fans.



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