The director of the new film starring Amber Heard reveals the first thing she said after the Johnny Depp trial! Amber Heard’s first words after her trial: “She called me and…” Amber also reveals the “line” she thought about deleting from the movie.


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Actress Amber Heard, best known for her role in Aquaman, has revealed the first words she said to her ex-husband Johnny Depp after the latter’s trial. She has received a lot of criticism from around the world for her legal dispute with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, but a film director has spoken out about her attitude on the set of a movie.



Amber Heard’s new movie “In the Fire” was released in the U.S. on October 13.

Conor Allin, who directed the film there, opened up about working with Amber in an interview.


Conor told Rolling Stone magazine that the character Amber plays in the film faces the same difficulties that the actress experienced in real life. ‘She’s been facing public backlash about her marriage to Johnny Depp ever since she filed for divorce,’ he said. ‘In this movie, the protagonist [Amber] is a fearless truth-teller, and she gets dragged through the public square, flogged, and beaten for her beliefs. That’s what Amber is,” he commented. Further, on the subject of her courtroom with Johnny, Connor recalled Amber’s apology to him.


He said, “The first words out of her mouth were, ‘I’m so sorry that this happened and that my personal baggage could hurt the movie,’ and she called me to apologize.” ‘ It seemed so surreal to me that she had just gone through everything and was apologizing to me for the film. I love my job. But this was ruining her life, and she was still covering for me and taking the blame,” he continued.


Conner also had concerns about how Amber would be treated after the film’s release. He revealed that he was concerned about a particular scene in which her character says the line “I’m a fraud” while being hypnotized. “Even then, I thought, ‘Damn, that sounds like a meme. But I thought, ‘Should I cut this scene? But should I cut this scene?’ I thought about removing it from the film.