Real-life “Stranger Things” couple Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer on a date in New York City! Catch them in love!


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Charlie Heaton (28) and Natalia Dyer (27), who co-star in the popular Netflix drama “Stranger Things” and are dating in real life, were caught on a date in New York City.



According to Daily Mail Online, the two were spotted carrying paper bags from the grocery store Union Market on June 7 (local time).


A photo of Natalia in black pants and blue sweatshirt and Charlie, also in black pants, blue top, and black jacket, walking side by side is posted. It is not clear who the jacket belongs to, but Natalia was also seen wearing it.

The two began dating in real life in 2016. Meanwhile, in the early days of “Stranger Things,” Jonathan, played by Charlie, had a crush on Nancy, played by Natalia, and they finally became a couple in season 2, which was delivered in 2017.


In July 2019, Natalia told Refinery29, “It’s always really fun. We are really comfortable with each other together, so we can act more freely and talk about it beforehand,” she said. In an interview that same year, Charlie also said that Natalia understands and supports the difficulties of working in the industry. He said it was wonderful to be able to work with her.