Hot Dogs at the Costco Food Court, Are you eating them as they are? A professional chef’s idea is too good to be true!


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Hot dogs are available at Costco’s food court, but in the hands of a chef…?



Cooking with Costco Hot Dogs


Costco, a members-only warehouse club that carries a variety of products at bargain prices and in large packs, is also very popular for its food court. When tired from walking around the large warehouse-like store, many people take a break to have a drink or food at the food court.


The most popular item available at the food court is the hot dog, which is priced at 180 yen ($1.50 in the U.S.), an amazingly low price that Jim Sinegal, the founder of Costco, has maintained for many members. And now, a “dish made with hot dogs” has become the talk of the town.


Danny Kim, a TikToker, has gained popularity for his videos in which he takes various ingredients to a professional chef and asks him to create a creative dish, and now has more than 3 million followers. He recently chose a hot dog from Costco.


And what the chef made from a hot dog this time… is “Shumai,” a dish that is very familiar to Japanese people!


I never thought that shumai could be made from hot dogs….

@dannygrubs This ended up being the best shumai I ever had😭🔥 #Costco #FoodTok #Science ♬ original sound – Danny Kim

The recipe is not published, so it is not easy to imitate. However, in the video, we can see the chef kneading the ingredients with a mortar and pestle, and boiling down the ingredients with Pepsi after frying them.


In the past, many chefs have used only a portion of the food Danny brought in and discarded the rest, but this time the chef uses both bread and sausage to make shumai. Finally, the shao mai were finished on a bed of gold leaf.


The hot dog shumai, which looked like they were served in a nice, stylish restaurant, seemed to be of high quality in taste, and Danny was thrilled after eating the shumai, saying, “This is wonderful.


It is not only Costco food that Danny has brought to the chefs, but McDonald’s hamburgers have also been professionally transformed seven times. In the past, a Beef Wellington was made from a double quarter pounder and fries.