Shohei Otani x $100,000+ Porsche Collaboration Photos! Appointed as a Driving Athlete, the two-way warrior says, “Let’s keep driving toward our dreams together.


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Shohei Otani (Los Angeles Angels) has been attracting attention on social networking sites for his appearance in the driver’s seat of the “Taikan,” which is said to cost in excess of $100,000.



Ambassador contract with Porsche Japan


The 28-year-old, who dominates the major leagues in pitching and hitting as a two-way athlete, became a “Porsche Driving Athlete” this month and signed an ambassador contract, Porsche Japan announced. Ohtani greeted the company’s official YouTube page with the following comment: “I am Shohei Ohtani, a Porsche Driving Athlete.


Porsche is a brand for people who continue to pursue their dreams. I am also still chasing my dream. Let’s keep running toward our dreams together with Porsche.


In addition, a photo was published on the company’s official Twitter page. Otani, wearing a black leather jacket over a white shirt, sits in the driver’s seat of the $100,000-plus sports car “Taikan. With the door open, the major leaguer leans out and looks at the camera with a dignified expression.


Fans who checked out the image commented, “I thought I was going to pass out from being so cool,” “Wow, I’m bombed,” “Super cool,” “You look great,” and “Porsche looks good on you.


Ohtani, who has been on a roll this season, was active in the Seattle Mariners game on August 17 (local time), going 5-for-4 with four hits and four runs scored, including a two-run double off the bat of No. 27. The two-way warrior is sure to continue to make many fans dream as a billboard for the company.