The result of buying “something you don’t want people to know about” on Amazon is that it arrives in the “worst possible shape


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The result of buying “something you don’t want people to know about” on Amazon is nothing short of privacy.



Amazon Driver’s Firing Reveals “Another Problem


An Amazon driver was fired for posting a photo of a delivery on the US message board reddit. Here is the photo that caused the problem.

In the photo posted on the message board, the name and address of the person who placed the order were hidden by fingers, but the tracking code and QR code were visible. The driver decided that he “didn’t need to hide” the codes, as there are several steps that must be taken to obtain personal information using these codes. Amazon employees are prohibited from sharing customer information online and are asked to refrain from posting such photos and videos on social media.


And there is another major problem with this story besides the fact that the driver posted the photos online without permission. In most cases, products ordered from Amazon are supposed to be placed in an Amazon box or bag so that the contents cannot be seen, but as you can see in the photo, the delivery label is attached to the box itself, indicating that the product is a so-called “adult toy. The driver also put a notice on the bulletin board to let everyone know that the product is a “toy for adults. It seems that the driver also posted the photo on the bulletin board to make this known, but rules are rules, so he was dismissed.


The driver’s behavior of posting the photo on the bulletin board is unforgivable, but to have such a privacy-sensitive product as a sex toy delivered in such an untouched condition and not packaged properly is just too bad. From the point of view of the person who ordered it, there is no privacy at all.


Many of the comments on the bulletin board indicate that the packaging method is problematic, and while the driver deserves to be punished, the person who performed the shipping at the distribution center should also be punished in some way. Some of the people who left comments on the message board, some of whom claimed to be employees of Amazon, said that “these sex toys should have been boxed in such a way that it is impossible to tell what is being delivered.