I left my MacBook at a Starbucks in Dubai… and surprise what happened next!


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What would happen if I left my MacBook Pro at Starbucks in Dubai?



What would you do if you left your MacBook Pro at Starbucks…?


In today’s society, where remote work has become widespread, we see many people working with their laptops open in cafes around town. Working for long hours sometimes requires a trip to the restroom, and some of you may have wondered what to do with your computer and personal belongings at that time.


We would like to think that no one would steal a computer for as short a time as going to the restroom, but a computer that contains important data and the unit itself is expensive, you don’t want it to be stolen in case it is stolen. So, Uptin, an influencer from the U.S., experimented by leaving his MacBook Pro at a Starbucks!


The location he chose this time was Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Moreover, he went to a hair salon once and left his MacBook for more than an hour. He even had the luxury of getting a haircut, and he was probably more confident that no one would steal his MacBook. And…he was right!

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No one stole his MacBook. This is the second time he has conducted this experiment, the first time in Singapore, which is famous for being one of the safest countries in the world, and no one stole his MacBook.


Regarding Singapore’s environment, Uptin said, “Integrity and fairness are a big part of Singapore’s culture,” “We have enough of the bare necessities so our citizens don’t have to resort to criminal activity,” and “Surveillance. We have 90,000 cameras at the moment,” he analyzed. There are likely to be similar factors in Dubai.

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Nevertheless, Uptin said that he feels it is an outlandish behavior to leave one’s things in another place, even if one knows it is a safe place. He also felt scared during the experiment, having once had his cell phone snatched from his hand while he was walking in London, England.


One wonders what would happen if he tried the experiment in Japan. uptin has visited many different countries, so maybe someday he will see an abandoned MacBook in a Starbucks in Japan.