2022 FIFA World Cup, Japanese Supporters Praised for Picking Up Trash in the Stands after the Match! Japanese supporters are making the world a better place.


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The actions of Japanese supporters immediately after their historic victory are receiving praise from around the world.


On Wednesday, November 23, the Japanese national team won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, defeating four-time champion Germany 2-1 in a dramatic victory.



The actions of Japanese supporters immediately after the historic victory have been praised around the world.



After witnessing the match in front of their eyes, Japanese supporters were expected to go out into the night in a frenzy of excitement. In the past, supporters from all countries would leave their food trays, bags, and empty cups in the stands before leaving.


The Samurai Blue, however, did not allow this to happen.


After the match at the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar, the supporters stayed in the stands and took the initiative to clean up the mess.

They did the same thing four years ago at the World Cup in Russia. Although they were eliminated from the tournament after losing 3-2 to Belgium in their bid for the last eight, they did not take their frustration out on the field.


Also, at the opening match of this year’s tournament between the host nation Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday, November 20, Japanese supporters were seen picking up trash after the match, attracting attention from around the world.


For Japanese people, tidying up has been a part of their culture since childhood.


Scott North, a professor of sociology at Osaka University, told the BBC in 2018 that for the Japanese, tidying up is “a way of showing that you have dust in your way of life,” and that “the post-match tidying up was an extension of the basic behaviors that Japanese people have acquired since they were young, from cleaning school classrooms and hallways. Cleaning up after the match is an extension of the basic behavior that Japanese people have learned since childhood from cleaning classrooms and hallways at school,” he added.


He also commented on the Internet, “Japanese supporters pick up trash whether they win or lose. Japanese supporters are making the world a better place.” “Not only this time, Japanese supporters pick up trash at every World Cup,” “Japanese are the most humble people on earth,” “That’s why I love Japan! I like Japan because they are the most humble people on earth.