Jenna Ortega & Percy Hynes White, stars of the hot new drama ” Wednesday,” will be reuniting for a new movie, and filming is already underway! Fans expect the two characters to have a romantic relationship…?


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Jenna Ortega, who currently stars in the popular Netflix drama “Wednesday,” and actor Percy Hines White will be reuniting for a new movie.



The pair will reunite for the new romantic comedy “Winter Spring Summer or Fall.

Wednesday” is a spin-off drama focusing on the strange school life of the eldest daughter, Wednesday, from the 1991 film “The Addams Family,” which was a big hit in Japan. The film, directed by the genius Tim Burton, became a topic of conversation when it set a new Netflix record by surpassing 700 million viewer hours in less than two weeks after its release.


Jenna Ortega, who played the main character Wednesday in ” Wednesday,” and Percy Hines White, who plays Zavia, who has the ability to bring her drawings to life, will be working together again in the new romantic comedy “Winter Spring Summer or Fall” (original title). The new romantic comedy “Winter Spring Summer or Fall” will reunite Percy Hines-White.


In a recent interview with “Popternative,” Percy said that she (Jenna) is with him in the film he is currently shooting in Utah, and that he and Jenna “had a great time together” during the filming of “Wednesday.


Their new film, “Winter Spring Summer or Fall,” is about two teenagers in love, Remi and Barnes. Although details have yet to be revealed, filming began at the end of October this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, Jenna and Percy were recently spotted filming.


Since “Wednesday” has a bit of a love story between Percy’s character Zavia and Jenna’s character Wednesday, one fan posted the following comment: “I hope Percy’s character is the love interest of Jenna’s character in the new movie!” posted a comment.