Selena Gomez’s Hands Shake During Video Shooting! What did Selena herself say to fans’ concerns…?


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In early January, actress and singer Selena Gomez updated her TikTok account. She introduced her routine from makeup removal to skin care (this video has now been deleted).



Selena Gomez has responded to the concerns of her fans.


In the video, Selena is shown wiping her face with a soft towel after smearing cleanser on her face and removing makeup around her eyes with a sponge soaked in special remover.


Her hand holding the sponge seemed to shake slightly, causing some fans to ask, “Are you okay? Some fans were concerned.


On Wednesday, January 25, Selena herself responded to this voice. I have lupus nephritis medication that causes me to shake sometimes,” she said, explaining the reason for her behavior. I’m not a professional.

Selena was diagnosed with lupus nephritis (systemic lupus erythematosus) in 2014.


Lupus nephritis is a type of collagen disease that causes inflammation of various organs due to the production of antibodies that attack one’s own cells. Lupus nephritis can impair kidney function, and Selena underwent surgery in 2017 to have a kidney transplanted.


Selena also talks about the disease in the documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me,” which was released on Apple TV+ in 2022.


Regarding her lupus nephritis, which she says relapsed in 2020, Selena describes the recurring joint pain as “a feeling I haven’t felt since I was young,” and says, “I wake up in the morning and it just hurts. I start crying immediately,” she said of the pain.


Selena says that she has been diagnosed with lupus nephritis as well as bipolar disorder. However, she does not intend to devote her life solely to her health struggles, but to accept and love herself for who she is.


In the documentary, Selena says, “I think of my illness as a friend. It was something I had to go through in order to be me, to continue being me. Still, I am happy. I feel calm. I can be angry. I can be sad. I can be full of talent. I can be full of doubt. Sometimes I think I’m not ready yet. We can be satisfied with what we have. And that’s okay. That’s Serena.