Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, the alleged cheaters, had a family trip together before the rumours surfaced! Glen’s girlfriend didn’t join them on this family trip… and fans raised their eyebrows.


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Rumours are currently circulating that Sydney Sweeney is having an affair with her co-star in the romantic comedy film Anyone But You, actor Glen Powell, known for his role in Top Gun Maverick.



However, before the rumours surfaced online, it was discovered that Sydney had already travelled with Glen’s family.


Last month, Sydney had visited an Australian zoo with Glenn’s family. Sydney was reportedly very comfortable around Glenn’s family, taking photos and holding up his niece. In another photo posted on Instagram by Glenn’s family, they can be seen sitting next to each other with Glenn Sydney. Glenn’s girlfriend, Gigi Paris, was not present on this family trip.

A source told Page Six that Gigi “wasn’t there because she was working in the US”. Gigi had travelled to Australia to support Glenn, but later broke up with him. Sources say their split was ‘amicable’, but Gigi has since unfollowed both Sydney and Glenn on Instagram, and while it is unclear why the pair parted ways after three years of dating, fans are suspicious of Glenn and Sydney’s relationship.


When Sydney recently posted an Instagram image of herself posing glamorously while wearing a T-shirt that read “Kiss a boy and make him cry”, many wrote: “Don’t take people’s boyfriends” and “Follow the girl code (unspoken rules that promote mutual respect, cooperation, etc. among women)”. Many of them were found.


Sydney and Glenn also appeared to get along well when they attended CinemaCon.