Zayn Malik makes his first public appearance in a while, but gets hit by a car


Last Updated on 01/22/2024 by てんしょく飯


Former One Direction member Zayn Malik attended the Kenzo show. He was hit by a car during the show.



Zayn Malik attended the Kenzo show.


Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction and now a solo artist, has released music but has rarely been seen in public. The last time he attended an event was at the Tom Ford fashion show in 2018.


Since then, he has been photographed by paparazzi but has not attended any official events.


This time, however, Zayn returned to the stage for the first time in about six years. Zayn attended the show of Japanese designer Nigo’s Kenzo collection for fall/winter 2024 held in Paris. Since it had been quite a while since Zane had appeared on the stage, many people were shocked.

The show ended without incident, and when Zayn went outside to go home, there were many fans outside. Security was moving Zane to the pick-up car while protecting him, but here was a happening. Zane’s foot was run over by a passing car. After being hit by a car, Zane’s face twisted for a moment, but he somehow managed to get home in the car.

Many fans were wondering if Zayn was okay after his foot was run over by a car, but Zayn uploaded the shoe that was run over on his Instagram. He said, ” Thanks for a great show! My foot is fine !!Thanks to my incredibly well made shoes,” he joked, reporting that he was fine.